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The carbon fiber material


 With the rapid development of cycling in the country, if you have a lot of intention to buy, or already have a carbon fiber car, so what about if you have carbon fiber? Today I will lead you know carbon fiber.

We say at ordinary times the carbon fiber frame, it should be more accurately called carbon fiber composite frame, he is a fiber reinforced composites (fiber reinforced composite materials). He is made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite, in CFRP, we called the carbon fiber reinforced material, is the dispersed phase, called the resin base body material, is the continuous phase. place To become one of the preferred material of high-grade bicycle, is determined by its mechanical and chemical properties.

His features:

1. Than the strength intensity (density) and than high modulus (modulus of density ratio). This creates a frame with equal intensity, selects the CFRP (carbon fiber composite materials) can do it very light. The following comparison, the mechanical properties of several common structural materials

Material density (g/cm3), tensile strength (Gpa) elastic modulus (Gpa) than intensity than modulus
Steel 7.8 1.010 0.13 26, 206
Aluminum is 2.8 0.461 0.17 26, 74
Titanium 4.5 0.942 0.21 25, 112
CFRP two 1.45 1.472 137 1.02 95
CFRP a 1.6 1.050 235 0.66 147

2. Good fatigue resistance

General fatigue failure of metal material is no obvious signs of accidental damage, and CFRP has good fatigue resistance, and have obvious signs of damage before. Hebei mountain team several CFRP frame car is appeared The crackle, and retains the most strength, this greatly improved the security of the ride. Reason: reinforcing fiber is fine, less defect. Substrate plasticity is good, can inhibit the crack development. Art, of course, because it is a cutting edge materials, technical workers, quality control, is not yet mature, has yet to be tested in practice
3. Broken good safety
CFRP has tens of thousands of independent fiber cross section, and even some fiber fracture due to overload, load quickly reassigned to fiber on undisturbed, not artifacts caused by completely lose bearing capacity and fracture in a flash

4. Shock absorbing ability

(1) CFRP is bigger than the modulus, high natural frequency, not easy to appear the resonance
(2) CFRP is a heterogeneous multiphase system, in a large number of interface between fiber and matrix, because the interface has the effect of reflection and absorption to the vibration, so the CFRP vibration damping is strong, can make the vibration attenuation soon
5. High temperature performance is good

Carbon fiber can withstand high temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, and the intensity of the same, so the whole of CFRP depends on temperature resistance of epoxy resin as a matrix, various grades of heat resistance of the epoxy resin is different, fertilizer will impact. CFRP frame in this regard is not a problem

6. Good aging resistance
A line of wind shopping in Beijing, a clerk asked the question. CFRP in the carbon fiber at 500 degrees Celsius above will be the oxygen in air oxidation, and he completely protected by matrix. Base material Epoxy resin added with proper additives aging resistance is also quite good, generally lasts for 20 years. CFRP frame mechanical damage will first so don't have to worry about his chemical aging
7. Can design

As you know, not much said

Well, the wrist acid. I was typing is slow, very hard, this is here, next time the two components of CFRP are introduced material and composite process
Fiber composite material is composed of two or more than two kinds of properties of different material combination, his structure including fiber, matrix and interface. These three aspects will affect the performance of CFRP. The fiber is carbon fiber, the role of CFRP is under load, and the matrix used to protect the fiber laying form, allowing fiber under compression and shear load, distributed load, and protect the fiber.
The following brief introduction of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, and complex process

Carbon fiber is usually fired in the original wire to make the frame of the CFRP carbon fibre is made up of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) more burning them.

PAN precursor air preoxidation (200-300 degrees Celsius) become a fire-resistant fiber (800-1500 degree under inert gas protection) as carbon fiber (2000-300 degrees of inert gas), graphite, carbon fiber, carbon can reach ninety-eight percent, for similar layered crystal structure of graphite

EPOXY RESIN (EPOXY RESIN) refers to the molecule contains two or more than two EPOXY group of linear organic polymer compounds. CFRP matrix is occurring crosslinking curing epoxy resin and hardener, or its curing and become insoluble three-dimensional network polymer melt. Many varieties and grades of epoxy resin, not introduce one by one here
Composite methods mainly include presoak material, injection molding in moulding molding in, etc. Institute of zhengzhou light industry has used mold molding in had been made of CFRP bike rack, Taiwan's giant (giant) technology with its giant he is presoak material roll tube method
A simple introduction great process

Continuous fiber or fabric impregnated resin treated with a certain reserve in advance with the semi-finished material called presoak. Unidirectional and bidirectional or three to braid add other fibers such as KEVLAR (or titanium wire in order to improve performance) by cored wire frame to the resin, resin dipping solution groove shape and then by drying oven will be in the resin solution, and then winding roll. Set aside. Not huge using resin solution, but the molten resin, become dry. Dry do presoak resin content was homogeneous material, and reduce the influence of CFRP interlaminar shear strength of hidden trouble, just equipment complex, investment is bigger.

Into the real shape after completion of presoak material. Presoak material cutting, points, after weighing, (a GIANT which is about 500 pieces of various shapes slices paste into) is responsible for the frame parts plastic workers, with the hand will soft presoak material slices paste on the mould. Then spliced, furnace heat curing. Polished again after curing coating post-processing, such as drilling a CFRP frame was born
Taiwan in the early 70 s began to study T carbon fiber, private and Taiwan China, tamkang university technology service centre for the study of the catalyst is more representative of the unit. Is supporting manufacturers, such as carbon fiber and epoxy resin are shaped into a certain production capacity, carbon fiber production in Asia after Japan, but there is still a gap on the quality. Huge carbon fiber raw material depend on import from Japan toray company. Taiwan CFRP bike was first in 1987 with great mechanical development of CFRP frame of aluminum alloy joint type, then under the cooperation of industry institute, the second generation of CFRP frame which is completed in 1993, and then gradually develop the third generation of design, gradually establish its own brand, annual output of 80000 units, the highest peak monopolize seventy percent, international market due to process instability and price, the market is not easy to develop, in 1997 fell to 50000, 98, continue to fall. Today, with step into the process of mature technology, the price is falling, CFRP bicycle to withstand the test of practical use and the market, is gradually approached you and me

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