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Xiamen Ekay Composites Technology Co., Limited will attend the bicycle exhibition 2016 (INTER BIKE)


 Xiamen Ekay Composites Technology Co., Limited will attend the bicycle exhibition 2016 (INTER BIKE), welcome new and old customers around the world to visit our company to visit our booth,the booth number---International Hall of 5239 - C


 inter bike

2016 Las Vegas BIKE sports exhibition (INTER BIKE)
Industry: composite
Host countries: the United States
The host city: Las Vegas
Exhibition name: mandalay bay convention center
Holding time: 2016/09/21 ~ 2016/09/23
Exhibition period: an annual one
Exhibition industry: two wheels, bicycles, electric bicycles and accessories
The organizer: bicycle association in the United States


 2016 Interbike


Scope of exhibits
Off-road vehicles, mountain bike, BMX bike, car, sports car, stroller, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, all kinds of bicycle parts and riding tool of clothing, bags, travel, sports, etc. Series of products, related ancillary equipment (helmet, lock, etc.), sportswear, security alarm products.



Second, the exhibition's brief introduction:
Las Vegas international bicycle exhibition (Intel BIKE) since 1982, has now become one of bicycle industry in the well-known international exhibition, is the largest bicycle professional exhibition, americas XiaoDe exhibition is also the United States. The scale of the exhibition in 2013 to more than 2013 square meters, more than 1500 exhibitors, the exhibition industry professionals 28000 people, including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, etc. Exhibition of international influence is big, strong professional, for the global bicycle industry well-known manufacturers the best place to release new products. In North America, North America and South America is the largest in our bicycle enterprises export volume of trade each year, this makes Interbike domestic export enterprises will participate in one of the exhibition. In 2013, a total of 60 Chinese mainland enterprises exhibitors, including vehicle, mountain bike, electric cars, car accessories, ordinary bicycle accessories, clothing, a helmet, audio and video electronics, electric vehicle batteries, such as children's vehicles, fitness equipment manufacturers.



3. Market prospect

According to the American federal highway, according to the latest figures released by the americans for nearly 30 years, first reduce highway km mileage, many people choose bicycle travel, this makes the United States has always been flagging bicycle market began again. It is understood that in the past few years, annual sales of about 18 million bicycles in the United States, annual sales of about $6 billion, the industry is expected to name years sales will also increase. Mainland China and Taiwan, China is still a bike main import market in the United States, including China bicycle imports accounted for an absolute majority in number. As a result, China's export situation of bicycle in good condition.

2016 Las Vegas bike show/American bicycle exhibition INTERBIKE in detail

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